Welcome to Unsolicited Entertainment!

This site is your acting guide to all things pop culture. It features some of the hottest takes on projects spanning the music, television and film industries. Each week, this site will be a host to reviews, ranked lists, and thoughtful insights that, well, no one really asked for.

If you’re wondering whether or not to stick out that slow to get rolling Netflix series, to buy an inflated ticket for the latest Marvel film, or to see what’s what during New Music Fridays, this is the place to be.

Before beginning your journey, I’d like to present one important disclaimer:

All of the thoughts, opinions and attitudes presented on this site come from a place of respect and admiration for artists and creators. I have the utmost respect and empathy to any individual willing enough to be publicly vulnerable and share their hearts, souls, pain and shortcomings with the world. Where these opinions seem harsh at times, they are always intended to be as honest as the work these artists put out.

Enjoy, or don’t! That’s entirely up to you.

– Kieran