‘Take Yourself Home’ to new Troye Sivan

If quarantine will lead to anything, it’s the realization that it’s time to take Troye Sivan seriously.

Troye Sivan, Take Yourself Home
Take Yourself Home, Capitol Records

Seemingly out of the blue, the quiet revolutionary pop king Troye Sivan released a brand new single, aptly titled “Take Yourself Home.” Described by many as a gloomy synth pop slow jam, the single is a return to the well-crafted sound Sivan developed and mastered with his first two records, respectively.

What sets this new chapter apart from the others is Sivan’s evolved persona.

The song paints a new, exasperated Sivan. Not unlike the experience of many pop stars, the glossy facade of fame and status has turned the singer inward. “Take Yourself Home” is a glimpse into his life and how he wants to live it.

It’s the quiet internal conversation, the important realization that he needs to put his happiness first and, quite literally, remove himself from the metaphoric city he’s inhabited. Perhaps the city is a lover? A situation? Both? Regardless, its universality is what makes the track such a subtle smash.

Accompanied by a revitalized look and tone, the track is the first foray into a new era for the singer. While he broke through to a bigger audience with 2018’s Bloom, this new chapter sees the songwriter at his most ambitious, and most vulnerable. Its mystery and intrigue beckons for the biggest moment of his career.

The peak of the track is its house-infused culmination. The surprising outro proves the singer’s fearlessness and willingness to experiment. Somewhere between Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, Sivan is preparing for a huge year in the latter half of 2020 – if society recalibrates by then.

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